To Do:

I figure if I publicly state what I’d like to accomplish then maybe I will feel more accountable to put some effort in to productivity. 

  1. Write this list. 
  2. Actually refer to this list. 
  3. Finish xmas shopping. 
  4. Less BJJ more powerlifting. 
  5. Reach out to old friends.
  6. Less hermitude more shows (Converge next month). 
  7. Swallow pride and see the neurosurgeon about my back. 
  8. Stop being hypercritical over matters I cannot affect. 
  9. Less delivery/more cooking. 
  10. Plan for my next visit of Iceland. 
  11. Consider another degree. 
  12. Write, even blog daily, consistently. 
  13. Get back to my book-per-day reading pace. 
  14. Less listing/more doing. 

If you don’t see me actively perusing any of these items, I implore and give you free reign to call me on my shit or slap the shit out of me (free of retaliation, I pinkie swear).

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